Baile Con Mi Madre 
performance, digital video documentary
Continuing my ideas on family relationships and culture, I developed"Baile Con Mi Madre," a short documentary film in which I trace the roots and significance of dancing with my mother, Luisa Pedriglieri. In the film, my mother and I have a conversation about how dancing impacts our relationship and my choice to highlight our relationship and technological communication through dance in "Baile Con Mi Madre a Larga Distancia (Long Distance Dance with my Mother)," a performance in which we dance through FaceTime.The film is composed of archival family footage, an interview between my mother and I as well as footage of "Baile Con Mi Madre de Larga Distancia," and "Baile Con Mi Madre Sin Distancia (Dance with my Mother without Distance)" which was a response to the initial performance. I'm exploring alternative interpretations of language and expression, and dance in this context functions as knowledge passed down from generations and as a language with which we can speak to each other.