April 21, 2019

An exercise in exploring "sound without sound."

Music has always been a significant component in my work as it invokes strong elements of  memory and places the work within a cultural context. To consider musical significance with the challenge of not producing audio o...

September 30, 2018

Music is cathartic.

Here is an ongoing (slow but hopefully steady) list of album artwork and music that inspires me daily.


February 18, 2018

An initial studio project while at Parson's Paris lead me to be curious about the differences between the internet from an American Perspective vs a French perspective. Having been in France for a month and witnessed particularities with French youth, the daily news, t...

March 15, 2017

Wouldn't it be super convenient to have a list of artists that show's their popular mediums and website? 

Well... Here it is.

November 14, 2016

For a photography project I began developing I planned to visit the Museum of the City of New York, but fell ill and was unable to go. I looked at the exhibition "South Bronx" by Mel Rosenthal and was inspired to research his work.

Photographer Mel Rosenthal was born in...

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