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Family Meal in Studio (III)
social event/Thesis Exhibition
For the final iteration of the family meal in my studio, I prepared with my father pasta for my thesis exhibition. We offered pesto, tomato-basil, or both to a big crowd. Having my parents present within the studio and cooking alongside me gave the project the perfect conclusion. Cooking with my family is art, and we were able to share our culture with Parson's that evening. 
Family Meal in Studio (II)
social event
Sharing a meal is essential for my family, my home, and my cultures. Since I transformed my BFA senior studio into my Living Room, I figured one of the best ways to activate the space is hosting a family meal, as I often do in my home back in Florida.
This second meal included a homemade pesto sauce or a spicy Ortolana sauce with fresh parmesan. 
Family Meal in Studio (I)
social event
This first family meal, based on my Italian grandmother's recipe, included a bowl of pasta with parmesan cheese and fresh basil/tomato sauce made from scratch. I also offered some Italian wine.
I am considering socialization, community, and sharing food traditions as artistic processes while I activate an installation that is founded on human interaction, personal experience, and love. 
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