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Lost in Translation: Art and Music Festival is an art and digital media festival that blends visual arts, music, and performance art for a virtual audience through live video streaming. Audiences can log on to to view a live feed (3 hours) of different artists and musicians whose work reflects on or represents what is lost, and gained, in translation. The audience will tune in through their device and interact with each other via a live chat.


The headlining performance piece is a work titled “Live Translations” by artist Eva Lia, featuring music by DJ YungCaramel. In this performance, Eva translates music lyrics live between many different languages in response to growing up having to translate all sorts of documents and conversations for her immigrant parents. The concept behind "Live Translations" is an exploration of multilingualism and the interculturality embedded in their lives. The result is a reflection of having to navigate the complexities of thinking and engaging with diverse communities, and languages, in a fluid way. By connecting party culture with the rigorous labor of producing speedy translations, the project generates a dialogue between language bridges and barriers and causes audiences to reevaluate their own relationship to language interpretation through a direct, but fun, confrontation with being “lost in translation.” 

The festival structure will provide a platform for other emerging and under-represented artists, both locally and streamed in from around the world, to share their own perspectives and interpretation of the phrase “lost in translation.” The festival will provide and sustain an accessible platform for the participating artists to share their artistry and creativity with the world in an effort to encourage a deeper engagement with multiculturalism and diversity in the arts. The free digital festival will support the representation of artists of different backgrounds coming together to reflect on their relationships to cultural production and creative collaboration.  


Originally planned as a live, in-person event, the project was adapted to be digitally streamed in response to the risks and limitations of in-person gatherings due to Covid-19. The festival's website, currently being developed by programmer Jonathan Yataco, will feature a live streamed video footage, and a chat function which will expand the project’s geography and allow audiences around the world to tune in, listen in, and engage with each other in whichever language they prefer!


Eva Pedriglieri: Director, curator, performer

Jonathan Yataco: Developer, performer

Thomas Field: Tech/Media manager

Pamela Solares: Curator

Luana Pedriglieri: Marketing Manager, performer

Derek Hernandez: Videographer, filmmaker

Festival Details

Event Date: TBA (Summer, 2021)

Lost in Translation: Arts and Music Festival will feature a visual arts exhibition, live music by local artists, poetry, film and DJ sets from all over. Everything will be streamed live on


Headlining Performance: Live Translations, Eva Lia featuring DJ YungCaramel (Fort Lauderdale)

Musical Performance: The Indigoes, Jonathan Yataco, Stephen Chang, Bryan Anderson, Armando Vergara (Fort Lauderdale)

Musical Performance: Laura Munevar (Miami)

Short Film Screening: Indolence, Derek Hernandez (Fort Lauderdale)

Experimental Short Film Screening: eros diary, Morrison Gong (Brooklyn)

DJ Set: JiaLing (Tel Aviv)

Dance Performance: Mai'Yah Kau (New York City)

Poetry: Hudson Lana (Chicago)

Poetry: Gabrielalalala (Fort Lauderdale)

Poetry: Fatou Jackson (Fort Lauderdale)

Exhibiting Artists (TBA)

website banner.png
Web Development


Programming by Jonathan Yataco

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 7.27.29 PM.png

Custom software will be developed by Jonathan Yataco for the Lost in Translation project. As artist Eva Lia types in lyrics in real time, they will be animated onto the screen in a custom style through custom animations. The project necessitates a text viewer that provides rich animation, low system requirements, and reliable performance. Due to these constraints and unique needs, the software will be developed as a native mac application. It will be built using the Swift programming language and the SwiftUI framework.

The front end of the website will be built using the React.js framework, while the backend will be written in nodejs to handle live chat as viewers visit the website. In order to save the chat for future reference after the event ends, Firebase will be used to store chat messages as they come in. The team will leverage the Amazon Interactive Video service, which provides a rich managed live streaming solution that can easily be integrated into the website.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 7.32.12 PM.png

Screenshot of code for desktop lyric rendering program.

festival website draft

Current draft of final website.



1. About pop-up page with event details, schedule/program, and information about the team.

2. Live stream footage.

3. Lyrics from the rendering app only visible during the headlining performance, "Live Translations."

4. Chat for virtual audience members to interact. Featuring a like button and viewer count (not in this draft).

5. Digital Gallery Exhibition featuring images of visual arts with information on the featured work.

6. Sponsor logos and links and copyright information on the bottom.



Eva Pedriglieri; Director, curator, performer
Eva is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural researcher, and arts educator based in South Florida. Her research based work focuses on the investigation and representation of multiculturalism, heritage, and the complexities of identity through a performance and new media based art practice. She is interested in building a relationship between technology, creativity and tradition cultural production. She's exhibited work and screened short films in galleries and festivals throughout the US and France. She previously directed an art show in South Florida titled Fifty Five +, and is currently the communications director for a non-profit art and folklife organization, City Lore, based in New York City as well as a freelance video editor.


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