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Artist Statement & Bio

Lost in Translation: Art and Music Festival

Liquid Lights and Visual Experiments

Other Selected Works



Eva Lia Pedriglieri is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator. Her work investigates and represents cultural tradition and heritage through personal and community identity--specifically the implications of a multi-cultural/ethnic/racial/lingual  identity. She connects personal memory, family, and cultural tradition with new media and technology through performance, video, social practice and site-specific sculpture/installation. She engages actively with her audiences through interactive experiences and community involvement. 

Eva holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design and a BA in Culture & Media Studies from Eugene Lang the New School for Liberal Arts. She has exhibited artwork and screened her short films in galleries and festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, and Dominican Republic.  She has also founded, directed and assisted in several public events and international art festivals. Along with her work as an independent artist, Eva has worked as a teaching artists and served as a US Fulbright cultural ambassador and English teacher in Southern Italy. 


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Artist Statement & Bio
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Lost in Translation: Art and Music Festival (2021) was an event that blended visual arts, music, poetry, film and performance art for a virtual audience through live video streaming. Audiences tuned in through their devices to live performances from emerging artists and musicians and browsed a virtual gallery of visual art. The festival highlighted creative explorations of ideas, emotions, cultures, language, artistic processes and techniques, identities, etc., of all kinds and a consideration for what is lost and gained in any processes of translation.

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Liquid Light People

3D wall installation with projection mapping

by Eva Lia Pedriglieri


Liquid Light People is a proposed art and video installation utilizing projection mapping. A large canvas with faces is activated by the carefully choreographed projection of liquid lights and text that tell the story of a fictional group of otherworldly beings, “the liquid light people.” This conglomeration of faces represents the uncanny yet strangely  familiar. The audience will experience a sense of recognition through a tainted lens of psychedelic visuals.


The  liquid light people bring a simple message from their world: fluidity of being, inspired by futurism and liberation through music and dance!

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