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Summer in Downtown Miami

Here's what I learned this summer...

  • El Cafécito Cubano is best when shared.

  • Hialeah, Pequeña Habana, Downtown, Ocean Drive... Wherever you go, you'll find a ventanita to get your cafécito fix. Read more about Cafécito.

Photo Credit: Mr. Miami Marvin

  • Miami Metro Rail has very comfortable seats and it only take $2.25 per ride to get where you're going.

  • Metrorail info

  • Viernes Culturales. Little Havana. Every last Saturday of the month.

  • Dance salsa, drink a mojito, buy some $3 earrings that you'll never take off, learn some authentic Cuban culture. (Read more)

  • Gentrification.

  • It happened to Wynwood with the commercialization of art. (Read More)

  • Little Haiti is fighting back to prevent it from happening to them. (Read More)

Photo credit: Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times



Frost Science


  • The New Tropic

  • For all your local Miami, quirky, entertaining, heart-warming needs visit The New Tropic to read about the people of Miami, the absolute must see places around town, and so much more.

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