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Selfies with my Work: Reflections on the Self and Artistic Growth

Despite the serious title, suggesting that I am about to embark in an in depth auto-psychoanalysis, this post is really just a curious look at pictures of myself with my artwork throughout the years. It occurred to me that growing up as an artist in the age of Instagram stories and constant media updating, it is nearly impossible for me to feel proud about a new doodle or piece without that tremendous urge to photograph and share. But if we stretch the concept, the urge can also function like a sort of archiving mechanism.

I'm taking a look back at my archives to find a way to engage with my thinking once again.

Circa 2012;

I was deeply moved, as any 14 year old going through it, by The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," and felt the most appropriate way I could channel these emotions was by condemning the landscapes Lennon described to an unfinished canvas.


When I posted this to beta-instagram I made sure to tag #charcoal, #drawing, and #love so other artists could find me and see that I was the real deal?


I dedicated this to my uncle and later shipped it to him in Italy. Years later I visited and saw that he had it hanging on his wall. It means the world to me.


I titled this one "Don't Ask Me What This Means" because I was tired of explaining myself. Yes I put wet toilet paper on my face, for art. I was (and continue to be) quite edgy.




RIP Mama Luisa ~



Photographic inspiration

(Round two)

I would return to this years later (2019) to draw a foil mold of my face.

Graphite and white charcoal on grey toned paper. Full circle, maniacally.

Haven't had many ventures in 3D sculptures but as a true narcissist, I did my best with cardboard. She's wearing a head wrap so it's an authentic aesthetic.


Honestly, who allowed this to happen. Who gave me the green light to go ahead and fill a pure, untouched canvas with this atrocity.

An attempted deep fake at worst, a viral reaction meme at best.


Mirror phase. Top is quite interesting. It is a coded family genealogy/tree represented by symbols. the colors and design is very particular to each family member. The bottom one is just as cool, but less involved. Cheap, art basel-esque interactive painting for 55+. Pose with the caritas and snap a pic, you know.


*Cut to


Also, a filmmaker who likes to appear in the films.

*For my last three semesters at Parson's, I centered my work almost exclusively on performance and video and felt it irrelevant to include in this blog post as it almost my entire website. Head over to the homepage to see what I mean.

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