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Found Word Poetry for Broken Hearts

A collections of found word poetry created with the words in my grandmother's old book, paired with my sketches and drawings. My grandmother was an amazing poet. She crafted the most heartbreaking/heartwarming poems with the words from her own mind. Though I was not born with her gift, I used the books she left behind to try and tease out some lyric therapy for myself. Spanish is more romantic, and makes heartbreak feel like a soap opera.


I looked at his dark face The skin stretched out like a kite in the wind. I looked at his thin face The sparse hairs of his beard. Before he had been exiled in the commotion. Started from the bottom, He barely managed his needy existence. Now his voice was forever silent. We'd done everything in our power. One day, he fell to the ground. It was too late. There was nothing more to be done, Only that he felt free. His eyes would no longer look at me.

"The Other Side of Death"

I had to greet you, lead you on, and say goodbye for a while. I tell you again Despite the jealousy Of things too intimate to be repeated, I felt dazzling golden light Of true love. My beloved, But his feet were not in contact with the ground. -I'll be watching you, But the road is hard. Still, the past stays with you. I looked up

And the golden light died and was gone. And I felt cold. The clouds were chatting for the last time. For a few moments I dug my nails into the man Despite everything I knew. It seemed to me to hear the beloved voice again, within me. Don't be sorry, this is not the end. This is not the end.

That insufficient weakness. The truth is that I let myself fall. I felt myself being thrown into the air. I felt the eyes; looking at the corpses; Thinking about the past even though I thought the light would never go out. But it finally subsided. A body that sometimes gave in to the weight of everyone on it. My only hope, in that case Finding out that I was even worse off. I would no longer have the slightest hope. In the height of a desperate night I was immobile for a long time.

Confused again the shadows with his body

I had never felt so cold and so sad. Even more than six thousand meters above the icy winds, Piece of bare skin, Had I felt the cold so intensely, Like a terrifying shudder that made my heart shrink. She danced alone, The days when you were flying are over. For me it was a symbol, The vastness of the world, The fine string of my love. My heart was broken. They weren't happy either, But they had a consolation; They would return, and each step brought them closer. I had to just keep going.

inside her i saw the devil himself

he came and went

my head was spinning

he was traveling at full speed

he left a cloud of suffocating dust

until he disappeared

I looked around in silence.

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