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A Sound Collage of American Social Events
Sound Collage
Tracing the entirety of Social events in the United States is near to impossible, yet I tried to focus on some of the issues that interest me and that I feel are significant to the history of our country. This sound collage blends political speeches, News cast audio acceptance speeches, march chants, sound effects and music to create the ever shifting environment of social activism in the United States. Some of the sounds featured:
- JFK's famous inauguration speech 
- Angela Davis's 1972 interview about violence and revolution
- Audio from the 1960's East L.A. Walkouts
- Jesse William's acceptance speech at the B.E.T. awards
- Footage of the Vietnam war coupled with Age of Aquarious from the film "Hair" (1967)
- Commentary from reporter Jorge Ramos on immigration
- Music by Nina Simone, Beyoncé, Calle 13, and much more.
A Sound Collage of American Social Events - Eva Lia
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