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Baile Con Mi Madre 
performance, documentary short film

As part of my ongoing exploration on family relationships and Latinx culture, I developed"Baile Con Mi Madre," a short documentary film in which I trace the roots and significance of dancing with my mother, Luisa. In the film, my mother and I have a conversation about how distance impacts relationship and highlights how technology has facilitated the way we communicate. The film begins with "Baile Con Mi Madre a Larga Distancia (Long Distance Dance with my Mother)," a performance work in which we dance together through FaceTime as a way to stay connected. The film is composed of archival family footage, an interview between my mother and I, footage of "Baile Con Mi Madre de Larga Distancia," and "Baile Con Mi Madre Sin Distancia (Dance with my Mother without Distance)" which was the response to the initial performance once we were reunited in person. In this work I am exploring the relationship between technology and traditional forms of socializing and cultural expression. Dance in this context functions as a language with which we can speak to each other regardless of the distance between us.

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