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Curated Art Exhibit 
FIFTY FIVE + art show featured photography, paintings, a photo booth, food, and live music from local South Florida artists. In the ballroom of a clubhouse for senior citizens 55 and older, 7 artists exhibited a diverse breadth of work for the public. The show included photography, video, and a photo booth by Luana Pedriglieri, photography by Michael Ortiz, and Pamela Solares, an interactive animation booth by Paula Milenkova, an exhibit of zines, art objects, and the event poster by Isabella Pinzon, drawings and a performance by Ana Paula Lopez, and an installation of paintings and sculptures by Eva Lia. Along with the featured visual artists, the show featured a henna booth by Noosh Creations and live music from The Indigoes. Jonathan Yataco on the guitar, Armando Vergara on the trombone, Ian Carvalho on the alto saxophone, Stephen Chang on the drums, Fernando Rodriguez on the bass, and Michael Chong on the guitar and vocals. 
This project provided space and support for the artists to display their work, make connections with other artists and curators attending the event, and build relationships for future creative collaborations. 
Visit Facebook for the full photo album including pictures from the photo booth! 
Fifty five plus art show
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