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In the Kitchen Series
social event, performances, book
2021 - 2022

This project ties together a series of food performances and research related to cooking and eating as a tool for both therapeutic individual healing and social bonding. Throughout my time living in southern Italy, I used my kitchen as a studio and sanctuary. The kitchen served as a studio in which to develop and practice recipes for a cookbook--a document that outlines research about familial and cultural traditions related to eating that was gathered through informal interviews and field notes of local Italian communities as well as personal experiences. The kitchen also served as a sanctuary for my own healing and mental health and wellness. This project is an ode to food and the warmth of a kitchen as "a universal entry point" for building meaningful relationships.
In the Kitchen Series: Dinner
Social event, digital video


The conclusion of the In the Kitchen Series was a social dinner event showcasing the food traditions of various regions of Italy. The main entree "Earth Food" is a recipe of my creation highlighting the Italian pistachio pesto and tradition of using seasonal vegetables. Many of the meals/drinks on the menu are featured in the cook book.
In the Kitchen Series: Cookbook

2021 - unfinished

This cookbook serves as a research book, ethnography, and performance documentation. The cookbook highlights detailed recipes, stories from the local communities and their cultural and family traditions, personal anecdotes, illustrations and polaroid images. Select spreads below.
In the Kitchen Series: Performances

2021 - 2022

Cooking as a performance. Some performances were held in isolation, as a tool for healing and mental wellness; some performances were held for dinner parties and social events; some performances were for research, to practice and invent recipes featured in the cookbook. 
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