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Foods/Drinks My Parents Like That I Really Do Not
In an attempt to consider the parts of my culture that I don't necessarily identify with or feel connected to, I chose to focus on the foods that I have grown up surrounded by, because of my parents, but that I really do not like. It is a fun and engaging way at considering parts of food culture that might feel stereotypical for a society. For example, how can an Italian not like to eat Panettone and Sambuca? How can a Dominican that grew up with coconut trees in her backyard and with a family that drinks coconut water every single weekend not like it as well? Culture is never monolithic. 
Yet, with this performance I am demonstrating my willingness to eat these *gross* foods in order to feel closer to my parents and my culture. As my father would say: "If I eat it enough, I'll learn to love it..." 
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