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A New Digital Sketchbook

Stripping down to the basics of digital sketch booking--fuck instagram and the validation economy. This is Evaliadaily refined--Evaliamonthly. More intentional, slow posting to keep life organized.

September - October,
A shift in my internal temperature meter and still I'm wondering where she's standing in all this. Is she reading a book or dancing with a lover?

09.20.23 - Overlooking the Midwest.

09.23.23 - Overheard an orgasmic guitar riff in Tomorrow Today, bookstore in Los Angeles. From new age, ambient rock guitarist Miguel Herrero from 1980s Spain.

09.24.23 - The Broad museum in Downtown Los Angeles. Yayoi Kusama infinity room.

09.26.23 - Santa Barbara hike up to the dried up Seven Falls. Got lost once the reception died so more like 3 hours...

09.27.23 - Along the Pacific Coast Highway. Turns out the Pacific is the ocean in my recurring nightmare of a beach shore that I try to swim in but is too cold, deep, dark and rough so all I can do is gasp for breath.

9.29.23 - Haight-Ashbury, San Fransisco. Birthplace Psychedelic art and culture, Hippies, LSD, Liquid Light Shows, home of Janis Joplin (left) and Grateful Dead, of Charles Manson apparently. A moment for 14 year old Eva.

09.30.23 - UNDERWORLD! I collapsed before Born Slippy.

10.06.23 - Movement of materials. Paula Whaley's sculpture doll for City Lore's new exhibit "The Calling: The Transformative Power of African American Doll and Puppet Making".

10.08.23 - Beginning to pinpoint the layers of my new painting. Working title "Her House of Pomegranates" About sexuality and the uncertainty of imaginary intimacies.

10.12.23 - Water fountain at the Moroccan inspired Pause Cafe in the Lower East side, while I read the first few poems in my friend Sahar's book.

10.13.23 - New books I bought this month, OCTOBERS by Poet Sahar Muradi bought at her book launch in Bowery Poetry. Art on My Mind: Visual Politics by Bell Hooks, bought at Tomorrow Today book store in Los Angeles.

10.13.23 - Who is this garden dedicated to?


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