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December - January
"I'm never that bad at goodbyes. It's worse a long time after when I get hit with the nostalgia."

12.7.23 - "The Italian American: Family Album" Free books from the City Lore archives. Stumble upon our box on 1st ST as we clean the deep deep bookshelves. Folklore, educational texts, children's books, urban culture...

12.8.23 - A free land for people to claim their humanity, a free Palestine. Ayat, East Village NY.

12.11.23 - Commuting home in all black.

12.16.23 - I did in fact try to go to Rockefeller during the great NYC tourist avalanche. A first, a last.

12.19.23 - Diabolik, Italian comic from 1962 created by two sisters, Angela and Luciana Giussani. My father has confessed I am named after the iconic Eva Kant.

12.22.23 - You good jetBlue...?

12.26.23 - Pinball room at Glitch, open to serious pinball players only.

12.31.23 - New years kiss, South Florida style.

1.2.24 - Dante's HiFi, Wynwood. Sound system lounge in Miami.

1.5.24 - Goodbye to my childhood home. I will miss the sweet, dripping mangoes, the coconut palms, the reggae bass from neighbors' sound system, the deceiving cul-de-sacs, the stray cats patrolling the streets, the hurricane shutters, the early morning poolside cafecitos, the movie nights on the sunken couch, the first loves I snuck in, the ghost of the woman my parents exorcised when I was 7, the family parche nights, the loud fights and swollen eyes, the loud salsa and Latin jazz, those old kitchen chickens (IYKYK), my sister's room, my room, my parent's king size bed, the living room we never sat in porque es de la visita, Charlie and Bleach buried in the yard, my first art studio in the garage, my first heartbreak in the kitchen, my dad's telescope on the roof. Goodbye my childhood home.


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