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Sunshine Through a South Facing Window

October - November
The sun now begins to set at 4:30pm in the city.

10.15.2023 - This is how kale grows. biennial (2-year) plant, kale produces leaves in the first year, and then, in the next year (or sometimes late in the first year), it will form a flower stalk. The stalk forms flowers and then seeds. Once the seeds mature, the plant dies.

New York Mycology Society Mushroom Festival 2023 in Randall island

10.15.23 - Taiwanese Food Festival at the Culture Lab in Hunters Point; tanghulu candied fruit.

10.21.23 - Ragas in Motion at Chelsea Factory. A performance curated by Brooklyn Raga Massive featuring Bharatanatyam dancer Malini Srinivasan and Kathak dancer Barkha Patel.

10.25.2023 - Luana's film rolls from California.

10.29.2023 - Videodrome (1983) dir. by David Cronenberg. A sci-fi horror starring James Woods and Debbie Harry. For an 80s horror prosthetic gag this was just exquisite.

10.31.2023 - Halloween

11.1.2023 - Stella Dallas 10 ft Single in Williamsburg, the best thrift store in all of New York.

11.08.23 - My latest unhinged read. It reads like conspiracy that makes you laugh-cry. By Jaron Lanier, computer scientist, composer, artist, and author.

11.12.23 - Isa's Banana pudding is better than Magnolia.

11.13.23 - Door of the Cosmos in Brooklyn NY.

11.15.23 - My copy of "Cook Like Your Ancestors" by Mariah-Rose Marie. Featuring the Morir Soñando recipe I learned to make from my Mami along with a beautiful illustration of my momma and I by Mariah-Rose. Get your copy!

11.18.23 - Homecoming.

11.27.23 - Illness creeps up and settles like rotten roots in a palm. This coconut tree was planted by my late grandfather in the early 2000s. My parents are leaving my childhood home, I said goodbye to the dying tree, an omen?

12.2.23 - Psychedelics of the infinite Space. As seen on the James Webb documentary on Netflix. "Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine" By Shai Gal.


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